Students in Glebe school helps remote aboriginal community

About half of all Aboriginal children in New South Wales are at or below minimum standards for reading by the time they reach late primary school, according to a new report released earlier this month by the NSW Auditor General. Bus of Books (BOB) provides a solution to significantly reduce this problem and increase the standards of reading for children in Australia.

The Founder of BoB, Colin Lee says, “Reading is a human right and education is the best way in addressing the challenges our world faces today and in doing so make a difference. More than ever before, a young person’s success today is closely linked to their ability to express their ideas with clarity and certainty. We’re excited to be part of the Good Samaritan Foundation Day at St Scholastica’s College which highlights how young people can help each other and make a difference in each other’s lives and communities by sharing their love of reading. Let’s come together engage, empower and educate our present and future leaders and enjoy the Good Samaritan Foundation Day.”

St Scholastica’s College is the first school in Sydney to engage in the Share a Book Program – Students Helping Students. Over the past few weeks, staff and students at St Scholastica’s College have been collecting new and pre-loved books in preparation for a hand-over to the Bus of Books team on the school’s bi-annual Good Samaritan Foundation Day to be held on Wednesday 29thAugust 2012.

On this day, the Bus of Books (BOB) team will visit the school by bus to collect the donation that will contribute to the books, educational resources and fundraising currently being raised in support of Collarenebri Central School in rural NSW.

Thank you to St Scholastica’s staff and students for organising this book drive and special event in support of Bus of Books. Bus of Books hope to foster change by inspiring the imaginations of young people, helping them enjoy the experience and benefits of reading & learning and enabling them to make a difference in each other’s lives one book at a time.


WHEN: 1pm – 3pm, Wednesday 29th August 2012
WHERE:St Scholastica’s College, 2-4 Avenue Road, Glebe, NSW 2037
MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Colin Lee 0438 438 565,

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